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Things You Should Do for The Safety of Your Septic Tanks by Honolulu Plumbing

The Honolulu plumbing system will let you know some crucial facts you should follow for the safety of your septic tanks. Your septic tank’s protection is your responsibility. Nobody but you should do what it takes to keep your septic tank in its best position. Now you may question what you should do. We will discuss the necessary things a homeowner should do for the betterment of the septic tanks:

The Proper Usage of The Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is not a place where you can throw everything. You have to dispose of only the rotten things there. Things like bananas, tomatoes, grapes, etc., are perishable. But if you throw something that will not dissolve, it may clog the drain or form slime within the wall of the sewage pipes. In addition, you should not overload the garbage disposal. If you throw a lot of things there, it will fill up the solid layer of the septic tank.

The garbage disposal does not liquefy the things inside it. It turns them into tiny sizes which are impossible to bite. You can solve the issue by creating a compost pile. Thus, you can use the space in your backyard to throw out the garbage in it. Whatever you throw there- vegetables or fruits will come back to you as fertilizer which you can use in your garden. It is a part of making your life more comfortable by keeping the septic system free from the extra pressure of garbage.

Use Safe Products for The Septic System

Some branded toiletries are harmless for your septic system. You should pick only the soap-related products which have come from natural ingredients. These items are not a threat to your septic tank. For the tissue and toilet papers, you should select the pre-moistened ones that will go quickly with your system. Regular paper towels are risky to use as they can create a clog in the toilet. You will have to use a lot of toilet tissue and throw them in the bathroom everyday. So, pick the one which is safe for the septic system.

Don’t Overuse the Drain Cleaner 

Inside the septic tanks, there are tiny microorganisms. These things function to consume the solid waste of your house. But the drain cleaners have a terrible influence on them. The chemical of the drain cleaners kill the bacteria. Again, the counter-drain killer is more harmful to the septic system. It disrupts the system to handle the solid wastes. You may purchase them by seeing their helpful advertisements. But these things are not suitable for your septic system.

Don’t Use the Harmful Chemicals

Using oil and poisonous chemicals may harm the water in your septic tank. Some of the products are oil, motor oil, gasoline, paint thinner, etc. should always avoid going down the septic tank from the kitchen sink or flushing toilet. You should follow other ways to dispose of them. The label had the instructions to dispose of them and follow them correctly.

Go For the Maintenance of Your Septic System

To ensure a healthy septic system, you should maintain it properly with a specific time break. Thus, the durability of your septic tank will increase. Pumping solid waste every 3 to 5 years has a perfect effect. Although the system of each septic tank is different, you can consult with the professionals when it is appropriate to complete the pumping. Don’t think of doing the pumping alone. It needs expertise in this area to make it work properly. Besides, the germs of the septic tank are not safe for you either.

Keep Your Septic System Away from Damaging 

It should be your concern how you can keep your septic system free from damage. You can start it from above the ground. Don’t expose the area of the septic system. Covering it with lawn grass will protect it from external forces. Of course, you should not use the ground above your septic tank as a source of entertainment. Don’t throw the barbecue party there; don’t use the place as a playground, parking space, gazebo, etc. In addition, don’t ever run vehicles above the ground of the septic system. You can cover the soil with gravel or asphalt to ensure extra security.

Last Thoughts

The plumbers on Oahu will always assist you whenever you need any service related to your septic tank. But they will not live in your house. So, you should ensure your septic tank’s safety as much as possible. It will provide you a peaceful and healthy living in your home!